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Technical supervision service in Minsk and Belarus

The company “GosStroy Engineering” offers technical supervision of objects of any complexity. The service carries out inspections of construction processes and materials. Checks the cost, volume and quality in order to identify violations.

If the supervision reveals any violations, regulations are created to eliminate them. We provide quality work at the construction site.

Tasks of technical supervision

The customer and the contractor should have one goal – to complete the construction efficiently and on time, observing the parameters presented in the design and estimate documentation. Often, one of the parties seeks to reduce costs or increase revenue, while bypassing the agreements. Control measures are carried out to identify and suppress such actions. The objectives of technical supervision is to ensure:

  • Preservation of allocated cash resources;
  • Keep the agreed construction time;
  • Use of building materials that are indicated in the design documents.
  • High-quality implementation of activities in accordance with the law.

Features of technical supervision

The presence of supervisors is a prevention of violations that employees and contractors may commit:

  • Deformation of a building with cracks and uneven subsidence, collapse of the building – this is caused by non-compliance with regulatory requirements and design technologies.
  • Environmental degradation due to the use of low-quality building materials.
  • Terms extension leads to lower profitability of the construction site.
  • Incorrect documentation leads to difficulties in finding the necessary material, both for the builders and for technical services during the further exploitation of the building.

The service eliminates these problems, as well as the risk of wasting time on the transfer of the facility, possible errors and avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

Test results

Statistics show that technical supervision prevents construction breakdowns in 95% of cases, and also ensures the preservation of the budget that was originally laid down for the implementation of the project.

In supervising the construction process, the following goals are implemented:

  • Timely completion of facility in the accepted and fixed terms.
  • Control of finances, compliance with the established budget and the amount of money spent.
  • Quality control of materials and construction services.
  • Compliance with safety regulations during electrical installation.
  • Testify of large-scale building cladding procedures.
  • Compliance check of budget estimates.

Project Examples

Why we recommend to order technical supervision

Rejection of this services leads to financial losses, which can be avoided. The main advantages:

  • Specialists always act in the interests of the customer.
  • Savings on unplanned tasks and building materials.
  • No need to allocate time on inspection.
  • As a result, the customer receives the completed project while maintaining deadlines.

The company’s specialists visit the facility as many times as necessary. We have the ability to conduct online monitoring, which improves productivity by 100%.

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