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Comprehensive construction management service

The “GosStroy Engineering” company offers a comprehensive construction management of activities at any stage of the project: initiation, planning, implementation, facility acceptance, as well during the maintenance period.

Service directions

With us you will always know the answers to questions concerning:

  •  land potential for the project;
  • optimal sequence of actions for the implementation of necessary administrative procedures;
  • release of the construction site from buildings, structures, objects of plant origin, dismantling of equipment, shutdown of existing utilities at the construction sites;
  • collection of the source documents for design and formation of bid documents for selection of organizations involved in the implementation of the project;
  • proper accounting and commercialization of materials from the dismantling of buildings, buildings, structures;
  • correctness of the design brief;
  • coordination of the project documentation with relevant state authorities and operating organizations;
  • conducting public discussions in the field of architectural and construction activities;
  • formation of the facility starting price;
  • validity of decisions made by the design organization, provided for building materials and structures;
  • compliance with the production technology and the sequence of processes;
  • earmarking of funds, rational use of material and labor resources, cost reduction, etc.;
  • independent assessment by competent specialists of the feasibility of the project and associated risks.


Transfer of customer’s functions to the organization, which conducts construction integrated management activities is a profitable solution for the customer:

Time saving

Our company designs and maintains documentation at all stages of construction. Conducting the process of construction work and quality control.

Budget saving

Proven experience and frequent cooperation have allowed us to select beneficial partners who perform their work perfectly.

Monthly reports

provided to the client at all stages of work, allow to control costs.

Compliance with laws
We monitor compliance with all the conditions of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. After the final stage, the facility will be commissioned without any complaints from the regulatory authorities.

Attestation and Certification

Our engineering services have been attested and certified. Employees have extensive experience in engineering, this allows them to identify even insignificant errors.

Tasks of any complexity
Our company will ensure coordinated work at the construction site complying with the established time frames without downtime.

Project Examples

How to order

The service of integrated construction management is available to individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals and entities.

The service will allow to carry out construction or repair without discounting from main activity, without worrying about the quality of the final result. Terms of cooperation, as well as detailed information on tariffs, can be obtained from employees by calling the company’s phone numbers or by sending an e-mail.

At a personal visit, you can make an approximate estimate and determine the necessary front of work for the integrated construction management and design works.

Choosing us as a controlling organization, you will receive quality services and excellent results in the repair, reconstruction or construction of a building of any complexity. Choosing us, you choose quality at its best!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will consult you!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will consult you!

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