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About the "Gosstroy Engeneering" company

Republican Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise ”GosStroy Engineering” was established by order of the RUP Glavgosstroyexpertiza dated January 5, 2010.

On a contractual basis the enterprise offers engineering services in the construction field of 1st-4th complexity classes for the integrated construction management activities, technical supervision in construction and the application of current price formation in the construction field.

The company has long-term experience in the field of construction, reconstruction and restoration facilities for various purposes and has the professional capacity aimed to implement investment projects on time.

In recent years the following significant projects have been implemented:

  • construction of factory for Geely car production in Barysaŭ district, Minsk region;
  • construction of production buildings, logistics warehouses, business and exhibition center, administrative building, factory for production of combustion engines OOO MAZ-Veichai at the China-Belarus Industrial Park «Great Stone»;
  • construction of the Polack hydroelectric station on the river Zachodniaja Dzvina;
  • construction of the yeast factory in the Sluсk region;
  • modernization with production expansion of the Orša Flax Mill;
  • reconstruction of the Vitebsk fur factory.

Currently the company carries out comprehensive project management for the development of the «Great Stone» Industrial Park, the Minsk Regional Technopark, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, scientific and production holding of precision engineering “Planar”, Air Traffic Control Center, Optitehmed Medical Center, etc. 

At the same time the company carries out shared-equity construction of the residential building No. 1 at the intersection of Čyrvonaflockaja and 1st Artylieryjskaja streets in Viciebsk.

The company has the right to perform engineering services, the functions of customer and developer in accordance with the first category certificate of compliance dated February 23, 2015 No. 0000560-IN.

Certificate of compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015 dated 07.10.2016 No. BY / 112 05.01.022 04753.

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